Saturday, March 9, 2013

Journal March 9, 2012

Today the temperature in the greenhouse hit a new high for the year to date, eighty six degrees!  So, I trudged through the ten inches of snow around the greenhouse to place a few plants in there to take advantage of the free heat and light.

All of the seeds, except the cucumbers,  for the greenhouse and garden have been started.  The seedlings will be grown indoors under lights and moved to the greenhouse to take advantage of the sun when the weather permits.

Periodically I check the Megaritiki olive seeds that we planted last November to see if there has been any progress.  A few days ago there was something peeking out of the seed coat, which upon closer inspection appears to be a radicle emerging.  And to think that it only took FIVE MONTHS to get this far!  What was I thinking.

I know I wrote that  I would buy no more plant material from foreign sources on eBay, but I did not follow my own advice.  When I searched olive trees to see if goldenpera_com was still peddling his diseased seedlings, I found someone else with Trilye seedlings for sale. These, however, are living plants, and, it appeared the seller had made a posting error concerning the price.  I wrote to the seller and requested a photo of what he had for sale, and he provided the photo below, which he said was taken this week.  Concerning the posting error; the ad was for two one gallon size seedlings for $7.50.  

I was the first person to place an order and I again wrote to the seller to confirm that I would indeed  get two plants on my order.  He replied that as it was his error I would be receiving two plants and they have now been shipped.  The seller even sent a photo of the shipment before he posted it.  Again, below is the photo in case anyone would like to place an order, but the price has been adjusted slightly. 

I may very well have a Trilye olive from Turkey yet.

This link will take you to the Trilye seedlings for sale on eBay:

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