Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Journal March 13, 2013

The temperature today did not even make the mid forties, however the greenhouse was a toasty seventy something for most of the day.

This time of year is a major pain, as I have to bring the plants from the basement to the greenhouse and back if I want to give them sunshine and warmth.  

That is not to say that the plants don't flourish under the LEDs, because they do.  The olive trees little resemble the trees I started with only about three months ago.

In fact, the trees have been growing so quickly I was beginning to notice a slight nitrogen deficiency, which can occur during rapid vegetative growth.  To compensate, I increased the nitrogen, and added an iron supplement just to be safe.  Additionally, each 8 inch pot got a sprinkling of a teaspoon of Osmocote slow release fertilizer as an additional safeguard.

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