Sunday, November 25, 2012

Journal November 25, 2012

The first ripe tomatoes, grown with the 450 watt LED, were picked today.  Last year the first tomatoes grown indoors were not ready until the first day of winter, however, this year they are really early.

When I came upstairs for dinner this evening, the first thing my wife said was: "these tomatoes are delicious!" I can't be sure, but I am thinking that the molasses contributed to their exceptional taste.

The cucumbers are just about finished, and I will remove the plants from the tent tomorrow and use the tent to really push the olive trees until they can be placed in the greenhouse in the spring.  Hopefully, by not allowing them a dormant period, I can get two years growth in one season. 

The lemon and bay trees are in the basement for the winter, and the only light they are getting is from a 4' shop light above the plants.  They are watered occasionally with used nutrients from the ebb and flow systems and they are thriving with hardly any care.

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