Thursday, April 5, 2012

April 5, 2012 journal

The cool weather continues to hang in with nighttime temperatures in the lower thirties. The temperature during the day has been in the mid forties, to lower fifties, but thankfully the sun has warmed the greenhouse to above seventy degrees.

I have been bringing the tomato plants indoors late in the afternoon; placing them under a 400 watt MH light in the basement. As they are receiving a few hours of direct sunlight, and several hours of high intensity lighting, they are beginning to shift to the vegetative growth stage.

When potting plants it is best not to pack the media into the pot too firmly. The roots need air, and packing the media, and then wetting, it really makes the plants struggle to breath.

When watering, I rely on the moisture meter, or simply heft the pot to determine the approximate weight. After awhile it is possible to judge if watering is required by simply picking up the plant.

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