Monday, April 30, 2012

April 30, 2012 journal

Today I placed the tomato seedlings in the Autopots, so with that completed the greenhouse is pretty much operational for the season.  I sill have a few Turkish eggplant and Corno di Toro pepper plants to pot, but I am holding off on them for a while yet.  

The small plants in trays in front of the Autopots are annual flowers, tomato and pepper plants for the garden.  Additionally, not shown in the photo, there are six large Boston Pickler cucumber plants  for the garden waiting for the last frost date to pass.

The monster plant in the back is the Giant Marconi pepper plant that I have been growing since Christmas.  The plant has produced a lot of peppers and is still setting fruit, however, I am going to let the large peppers turn red and I expect that that will slow down production considerably.  These peppers taste fantastic when they are allowed to turn red!

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