Sunday, April 29, 2012

April 29, 2012 journal

Our weather remains very cool with night temperature at or near freezing, so it has been necessary to bring the plants into the house in the evenings.  Finally, the long range forecast is for the nighttime temperature to be in the forties, beginning tomorrow, and I can begin to leave the plants in the greenhouse overnight.

Today I planted the cucumber plants in the autopots, however, to avoid over watering I have no intention of turning on the reservoir for several weeks. The plants will be top watered and allowed to dry slightly before being watered again.

This season I have added a trellis to allow the plants to climb and spread out some.  In prior years I have been removing most of the laterals, but, I have decided to let them develop as I have noticed that most of the fruit on this variety forms on the laterals and not on the main stem.

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