Monday, March 26, 2012

March 26, 2012 journal - addendum

I thought an addendum to my previous post would be appropriate, as Hanna has sent an email stating that they are going to send me a new meter.

In my last correspondence with their technical support, I wrote that I had the blog, and I intended to do a post on the quality of their Champ meter. I also sent them a link to the post after I finished it; shortly thereafter I received the email regarding the replacement.

It may be a case of "the squeaky wheel gets the grease", however, I believe that there may be quality issues with the Champ meter.

One reader wrote in the comments section comparing it to using his pH meter to check the pH of beer, and stated how important probe cleaning and maintenance were. While I agree, to some extent, the probe on these meters has been stored properly, and, has been exposed to nutrients for approximately ten minutes, total, for its entire life.

As I hold a general class amateur radio operator's license from the FCC, and am I am licenced to design, build and operate electronic communication circuits, I thought I would have a peek at the circuit. While I see a solder point, on the LCD, that would not pass my inspection, the issue that has me mostly confused is that the voltage on the trim pot is simply not stable. With the meter at rest, and the trim pot in the null position, the voltage keeps fluctuating.

The meter is a full point off in each direction, and no amount of adjustment is ever going to correct that. I doubt that Hanna actually manufactures these meters, as I have seen almost identical meters with different names on them. In my opinion, Hanna is not doing themselves any favors by marking the Champ.

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