Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Telegraph Improved cucumbers

The cucumbers were also been planted in autopot systems today. This year's variety is Telegraph Improved, described as follows:

Telegraph Improved Cucumbers
60 days. Telegraph Improved is one of the most requested open-pollinated greenhouse varieties. Our strain is grown in England and is derived from the original Telegraph Long. Dark green, smooth-skinned, 10-14 inch fruit are burpless, mild flavored, and never bitter. The plants will grow up to 8 feet in a greenhouse, are easily trellised, and set fruit without pollination. Performs very well outdoors too.

The medium is the same as the tomatoes, half coco coir and half agricultural perlite. The initial TDS is 1600, and again I may adjust the TDS as I observe how the plants progress.

Rather than a trellis, I will support the plants using vine clips and twine suspended from the overhead. And, like the tomatoes, I will not allow any side shoots to grow, and the tendrils will be removed as the form, so that the plant does not waste energy growing them.

I am already removing the male flowers as they form, however I have not seen any female flowers, nor do I expect to until the plants are at least four feet long. In respect to producing offspring plants; are smarter than people, as they will not produce offspring until they can support them......

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