Friday, April 9, 2010

Growing on autopilot.

Except for the vent openers the greenhouse is running on autopilot. The autopots and drip ring systems have been planted, the heater is set for 45 degrees, and timers control the aerospring and ebb and flow systems. I can break out the market umbrella, Adirondack chairs, iced tea, a good book, and take it easy.

As soon as the lettuce currently in the greenhouse has been picked I will replace it with Swiss Chard and beet greens. Both of these vegetables do very well in the greenhouse, along with the warm weather vegetables, as long as the temperature is not allowed to rise too high.

As the temperature increases I am spraying the floor and the pea gravel along the sides of the central isle to increase humidity and modify the temperature. Additionally, the shade cloth, fans and vents can be employed to fine tune the conditions in the greenhouse.

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