Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Early tomatoes for sure.

Two varieties of tomatoes have been planted in the autopots and they are looking good so far. This year I have planted Money Maker and Sweet Cluster, both of which are greenhouse varieties, and they can also be grown in the garden. The Sweet Cluster already have buds forming, so I may be in for an early crop, however I have no experience with either of these varieties so only time will tell.

At this point I am running a TDS of about 2,000, and as the plants develop I will be adjusting the mixture slightly from time to time.

I will not be using any frames or cages this year to support the plants. The plants will be supported by twine attached to the overhead frame, and fastened with vine clips. Additionally, I will not allow any side shoots to develop so that I have simply one long vine running up the twine.

At least that is the plan.....

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