Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Tomatoes, Plan B

As I wrote previously; the tomatoes in the greenhouse this year are determinate, and will produce all of their fruit at pretty much the same time, and quit.

Knowing this in advance I have already instituted Plan B, which is a series of container grown dwarf tomatoes to continue to supply fruit until frost.

The plants in the photo above are Tiny Tim tomatoes and are described by the seed folks as follows:

"Tiny Tim
45 days, dwarf A heavy yielder with clusters of fine flavored, red fruit that are about 3/4 inch in diameter.

When grown in pots, this variety only grows ten to twelve inches tall and 14 inches across. It may grow a bit bigger when planted in the garden.

Can be grown as a potted plant anytime of the year. Good for small gardens, patios, or apartment dwellers. Also well suited for hydroponics cultivation."

The plants in the photo are five weeks old and already flowering. As these are also determinate plants, I will start seeds every few weeks to keep the salad bowl supplied. At the end of the gardening season I will bring plants indoors and grow them under lights.

In addition, I have started seeds from tomatoes grown in the AeroGarden from one of their seed kits. These were also dwarf plants with a comparable size fruit, however AeroGarden did not provide the name of this cultivar.

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