Sunday, July 12, 2009

Hydroponic Beet Greens

Recently I found a package of beet seeds in my seed stash that was a few years old. I am not a big fan of beets, however beet greens are right up there on my list of favorite vegetables.

We seldom have them, as my wife said they are difficult to find, and expensive. When I asked how expensive; she told me a small package costs about $5.00

Well, I thought, beet greens are nothing other than immature beets, so why not plant the seeds and see what happens.

The above photo shows my very first harvest of beet greens that were planted five weeks ago. I calculate that the cost of growing these was about $2.00 and most of that was for the rockwool cubes.

As I watched the beets progress, I knew this was going to be a winner, so I purchased several packages of beet seeds. Finding seeds locally will be impossible when the gardening season ends. If the seeds were purchased online, it would be necessary to spend about $5.00 just for shipping and handling.

I have already started a replacement crop, and will continue to grow beet greens indoors under lights after I close the greenhouse at the end of the season. They are easy to grow, delicious and nutritious.

These greens were grown in an ebb and flow system with a TDS of about 1200 and fed in 15 minute cycles six times a day.

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