Sunday, May 11, 2014

Journal May 11, 2014 - Olives in vitro

There are now three olive varietals responding to the protocol I mixed on 4/27/14: Tosca, Arbosana and Arbequina.  

It is hard to believe after all the effort I have put into cracking the code for micro-propagating olives that one protocol would work for three different varieties.   The protocol will be known going forward as 427, for the date that it was developed. 

A second batch was prepared last week and an Arbequina explant was placed into culture using the second batch.   Already I can see growth beginning on these new explants, so the results are repeatable. 

Yesterday I decided to try lighting the grow chamber with the multi-band LED that I purchased last fall replacing the 24" fluorescent fixture.  It may be my imagination, but I can swear that in only one day I can see a dramatic increase in the growth rate of everything in the chamber.  

The new LED has  switches selectable for vegetative, bloom, or both, so I am using only the vegetative spectrum.   The light level in the chamber has gone from about 130 foot candles to slightly below 500 foot candles.  

At the explants rely on the sugar in the protocol for growth, rather than light for photosynthesis, I was not sure that using the higher power light was a good idea, or not.  My intent was to test the spectrum, more than the light level.   So far, I am impressed.  

Below are the specs of the light I am using:

  • New 2014 150W Reflector Led Grow Light
  • 1 piece reflector design directs 100% of lumen output toward plants, increasing yields!
  • Glass free design. Glass and extra lenses can diminish lumen output by as much as 20 percent! Our design provides more light for your plants.
  • Growth and Bloom switches provide your plants with the right kind of light for each stage of growth and saves electricity too!
  • Light Spectrum: 430~440nm, 450~475nm, 620~630nm, 650~670nm, White
  • Infrared spectrum: 730nm
  • Lumen: 3200lumens
  • LEDs: 48 x 3watt LEDs
  • Power consumption: 110V: 85W-90W/220V: 83W-88W
  • Dimension: 14*10*2inches
  • Coverage: 2*2ft( Veg), 1.5*1.5ft(Flowering)
  • Amp: 0.87A/110V, 0.42A/220V
  • Worldwide Voltage Capable: AC85~265V
  • View Angle of LEDs: 90/120° Mixed
  • Lifespan: 50000-100000hours
  • N.W.: 2.8KG G.W.: 4KG

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