Saturday, February 22, 2014

Journal February 22, 2014 Manzanillo in vitro

The GA7 vessels I purchased from Kitchen Culture Kits are really nice to work with.  Being larger vessels they allow you to work with larger explants.  Positioning the explant in these larger vessels is a breeze. 

The above photo is my first real attempt to use a woody cutting for an explant.  The cutting was taken from my stubborn Manzanilla olive.  The plant is finally beginning to put out some new growth, so I removed a growing section from one of the top branches for this trial.

After cleaning and sterilizing the cutting I scoured the base of the stem before placing the explant in the protocol.  The protocol contains an abundance of a rooting hormone, IBA 

As misting traditional cuttings to maintain humidity is a real problem without automatic misting equipment, my thinking is that the GA7 vessel may solve the humidity problem.  

If you look at the cap on the vessel you can see small ribs that allow air exchange, and, they do a great job of controlling the humidity also.

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