Sunday, August 4, 2013

Journal August 4, 2013

The second batch of tomato clones, the batch that I added kelp extract and nutrients to, has rooted.  These were the actual growing tops of the plants in the greenhouse; they are much better than the previous batch, so I decided to plant these.

After potting, the seedlings were thoroughly watered, misted, and placed in a shady spot to recover.  Tomorrow I will transfer them to the greenhouse, where I will let them fully recover in filtered light until I am ready to replace the existing tomato plants.

At this point I plan on using the aeroponic unit to grow basil to completion; six plants of a variety of basil called Plenty are just about ready to plan in the unit.  The basil will be grown indoors in one of the tents using an LED grow light.  

Having grown basil aeroponically previously, using fluorescent lighting, I am looking forward to seeing it grow using the LED lighting.

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