Saturday, August 3, 2013

Journal August 3, 1013

 The cucumbers and trellis have been removed and what a difference it makes in terms of light in the greenhouse.  Additionally, as the tomatoes can tolerate more heat and light, the shade cover is not necessary, unless the weather is really hot.

The LED flood light has been relocated so that it is now directly above the bench, which is a much better location for light distribution.  In its new location the coverage is much better than it was previously.  Using a radio remote, the light can be activated from the house when needed, rather than  having it on a timer.

Removing the cucumbers and trellis frees the entire north wall of the greenhouse, so I wasted no time putting it to good use.

A domed 1020 tray containing cuttings, olive and tropical plant seeds, now nestles against a section of the north wall.  My objective is to take advantage of the sunlight, but not too much sunlight, so I am filtering the light when it is directly on the tray by suspending shade cloth from above, much like the curtain over a stage.  Sunlight falling directly on the tray with the dome in place would cook the contents.  To keep the humidity high, I am spraying the inside of the dome, but not the plants or pots. 

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