Thursday, September 8, 2011

What's sprouting?

This season's weather certainly presented some challenges in maintaining the greenhouse; we had a long period of very hot weather, followed by rain, rain, and more rain. In addition to the greenhouse, I had four ebb and flow systems growing lettuce in the basement, so we had plenty of lettuce to go with the tomatoes and cucumbers grown in the greenhouse. Even with only four systems running, we had plenty of lettuce, so much in fact that we were giving some away.

Even though I expect that the greenhouse will be operational for a month, or longer, I am gearing up for indoor growing. The seeds sprouting in the tray include: Tetra dill, Totem tomatoes, Little Leaf cucumbers and Waldmann's lettuce.

As much as I enjoy the greenhouse, I always look forward to growing indoors, where I can control the conditions and not have to deal with what Mother Nature throws my way. Today I ordered another grow tent, which I intend to use for Totem tomatoes.

My past experience is that tomatoes and peppers are much easier to grow indoors than cucumbers. That said, I have never tried seeds for parthenocarpic
cucumbers, or used a grow tent for them either, so perhaps I will have better results this year.


Madelaine said...

Hi! I am just getting started in trying to grow lettuce indoors for the winter. I am curious.... what medium do you start your seedlings in for your ebb and flow system? Thanks!

admin said...

First I soak the seeds in a moist coffee filter until the seed coat splits and the radicle emerges. At that point, using tweezers, I transfer them gently to either Oasis horticubes or rockwool cubes. Treat them gently and kind of tuck them in so that they have some support. I find the Oasis cubes are easy to work with and are almost impossible to over water, which will greatly reduce the possibility of damping off.