Friday, September 23, 2011

Indoor tomato grow choice

One of the varieties of tomato I will be growing indoors will be Totem; the following description is from the Totally Tomatoes site:

"More fruit than foliage, compact and perfect for patios or window boxes. Just 18 to 30" tall, with small to medium, round, red, flavorful fruits produced in abundance-- up to 10 lbs. per plant! Great for indoor gardens too, with its attractive dark green foliage. No staking is required.

The seedling, started on September 5th, is compact and stubby, so I seem to be off to a good start.

My plan is to grow the plant using a single pot AutoPot using a red/blue/white 90 watt UFO LED with a 14 hour photoperiod.

Today I stopped by the Albany store of Hydroponics Shops of America for some coco coir, and while I was there the salesperson asked if I would like to try a new line of organic nutrients called Nectar for the Gods. I replied that I would like to try them, and I was given some samples. Later, at home, I checked their site and found that they write: "
The only drawback on this line that we have found is it is not Hydroponic friendly." After reviewing what the various samples are derived from, I feel that I can safely use some of the samples as supplements for indoor growing. The samples that contain organics, such as worm castings or steamed bone meal, I will only use in either the greenhouse or soil garden.

First I will try something called Zeus Juice growth enhancer added to the nutrients I use for seedlings. This supplement is derived from kelp extract and leonardite, neither of which I feel is going to cause an odor problem indoors.

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