Thursday, June 30, 2011

Starting round two.

My assistant and I have begun to replace the tomato plants on the south side of the greenhouse. The replacement plants will consist of clones of the existing plants, as well as the new greenhouse varieties Lola and Arbason.

This year I tried a test grow on the south side plants using Miracle Grow for tomatoes and calcium nitrate. The plants did really well until I decided to end the test and reverted to regular professional hydroponic nutrients. After the change the plants reacted to the switch, and the outside edges of the leaves turned brown. Eventually, the new growth returned to normal, but the plants really look stressed. The tomatoes, although not as large as I would like them to be, are alright.
I really don't mind replacing the plants, as I planned on doing this anyway, but not for another couple of weeks.

The plants on the north side of the greenhouse have been receiving the professional nutrients from day one, and they are doing just fine.

I will also be replacing the corno di toro peppers in the garden with cloned tomatoes, as it is still early enough to do so. For some unknown reason, the peppers are long, thin, and are extremely hot. We don't like, and have never grown, hot peppers, so why this batch is so hot will remain a mystery.

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