Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Early harvest.

Much to my surprise both of the "off the shelf" Super Beefsteak tomato plants have ripe tomatoes. Usually, I don't have any ripe tomatoes until the first of July, so this is a pleasant surprise. That said, I still think that the greenhouse varieties will be better performers. Both of of the Super Beefsteak had a few deformed fruit that were removed, however, I have not seen any deformed fruit on the greenhouse varieties.

The little leaf cucumbers are really starting to get ahead of me. I am fermenting a crock of dill pickles from the first batch that I picked, and it looks like I will have to start thinking about another batch real soon.

These cucumbers are supposed to be compact plants, but they have grown over the peak of the greenhouse and are almost down the other side. Now I have an arch of cucumbers, and I forget the fruit hanging from above and keep bumping my head on them.

I am only letting the tomato plants set four trusses and then I am topping them off. Replacement plants have been cloned and a few seeds of new varieties were started and the new seedlings have been transplanted into pots. Somewhere around the first or second week in July I will replace some of the existing plants with new plants.

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