Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Trying Navada Lettuce

Navada lettuce
seeds have been in my freezer for sometime, however, up until now I have never really given this variety a serious trial. The above photo was taken today and my first impression is that it does look promising.

Since I built the grow chamber, and it performs so well, I have decided to continue to grow lettuce indoors permanently. Growing lettuce in the greenhouse during the warm weather is really a challenge, so the greenhouse will be only growing warm weather crops and flowers until fall. In the fall I will add some chard and beet greens.

Below is some information that I found online regarding this variety. And, as always, time will tell...

Nevada Lettuce
48 days. Possibly the best in its category, this extremely uniform, all-green Batavia lettuce performs in all kinds of climates. Nevada has a tall open head with thick, bright, lime green leaves that are crunchy and have a wonderful nutty flavor. Very resistant to tip burn, bolting, and downy mildew, plus tolerant of lettuce mosaic virus. For the market gardener, Batavia lettuces can be stored longer than other types when cooled at picking and kept refrigerated.

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