Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Tomato trial

Although our weather this spring has been dismal the tomatoes are doing OK. All of the plants have multiple trusses and are setting fruit, however, a few continuous days of warm sunny weather would really be beneficial.

As stated in a previous post I am doing a nutrient test comparing Peters Professional hydroponic nutrients to Miracle Grow for tomatoes with a few added components. So far I can see no apparent difference in growth, or flowering, when comparing one to the other.

The plants in the top photo have been grown using the Miracle Grow concoction and the plants in the bottom photo were grown using the Peters Professional nutrients.

The nutrient strength of each reservoir is approximately the same.


Dan said...

Now that is some progress! Your plants look amazing. I must agree that the spring has been dismal. My warm season crops look pitafil. It is warming up now at least, all up from here.

admin said...

I have a few tomatoes in my soil garden and they do not compare to the plants in the greenhouse, and they were started on the same day. What concerns me is that there have been a few summers that I recall where the dismal weather has continued all summer. Let's hope it improves. Good luck with your garden as I know how hard you work at it.