Friday, April 8, 2011

Prognosis is good!

At this point it appears that the tomato seedlings that had damped off are going to survive. They are, in fact, looking pretty impressive and recovering from the cloning process rapidly.

I am go glad that I did not destroy the seedlings as directed by the gardening books. The replacement seeds that I planted have not even developed any true leaves, so saving these seedlings will put me just about back where I was originally before the problem first appeared.

To repeat something that I posted sometime ago; regardless of what the books say, if something seems reasonable, you should try it, because plants don't read books.

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Zach Keatts said...

I love your scientific spirit. Your willingness to challenge the accepted practice with a well thought out experiment has yielded a wealth of positive information.

What is the worse that could happen? The seedlings that they advised you to throw out end up dying? That means you are exactly where they said you should be, but the alternative is that you are several steps ahead. Great post!