Monday, February 28, 2011

Taking a shortcut

Today I started a clone of the calceolaria plant, which will be placed alongside the mother plant in the ebb and flow system. It should be interesting to see if the cutting develops roots and grows to maturity. When I started the plant from seed, it was months before the seedling grew to the size of today's cutting.

The mother plant continues to bloom, and there are literally dozens of seed pods forming. When the pods have dried I will break them open, then, hopefully, collect my seeds.

The seeds for this plant were not available locally, relatively expensive, and difficult to locate, which makes seed saving an attractive option.


Brendan said...

Did you use any cloning gel or anything of that sort? A cloning setup?

admin said...

Yes, I use a rooting hormone containing Indole-3 butyric Acid. I have had tomato cuttings root in less than a week using this hormone. It is much much faster than starting from seed. As for a cloning setup, I simply keep them moist and use a dome.