Thursday, February 17, 2011

In search of the seeds

I kind of like having these colorful little plants among the more mundane edible plants, so I want to save the seeds. The only information I found regarding saving seeds from these is to let the flowers dry on the plant and then collect the seeds.

Well, the first flowers have dried, and they actually fell off the plant when I moved them to examine them. Using a magnifying headset, tweezers and a scalpel I dissected the flowers in quest of seeds, and found: nothing. I would have thought that the seeds would be located within the purse itself, but apparently that is not the case.

Upon closer inspection of the plant itself I think I have located where the seeds will form. In the center of the plant, where the first flower was growing, I believe I see the ovule, and it is still green and remains on the plant.

Hopefully, by letting the that part of the plant dry completely, and then opening the ovule, I will find my seeds.

At some point I will also clone the plant and see if that is a more efficient way to grow these.

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