Thursday, December 16, 2010

Six days into the Spacemaster grow

The cucumber seedlings are still in the root development stage, but have managed to add a few more true leaves.

It was necessary to turn off the LED to get an idea of the true color of the plant, as it appears to be almost black when the light is on. It is, in fact, a very deep healthy green, and very compact. So far, so good.

I ordered a different variety for the greenhouse next spring, and if I had the seeds in hand I would have tried these indoors rather than the Spacemaster.

These seeds were ordered from High Mowing Organic Seeds, and considering that they are for greenhouse growing, the price was very reasonable. Here is next year's variety:

"Organic H-19 Little Leaf Cucumber - Parthenocarpic plants produce fruit under stress and without pollinators, guaranteeing high yields in the field or under cover. Compact vines are multi-branching and will climb easily while small leaf size allows for easier fruit visibility when harvesting. Medium-sized fruits are smooth and tapered with white spines. Widely adapted for greenhouse or field. Works well in containers. Developed and released by the University of Arkansas in 1991. (Cucumis sativus)"

Although we liked the Telegraph Improved cucumbers that we grew last season, the plants were gigantic, with some leaves at least 18" across. This variety seems more appropriate for our small greenhouse.

Time will tell...


Dan said...

It will be cool to see how these do indoors. Its looking very good so far.

admin said...

I am thinking of a time lapse video if I can pull it off.