Sunday, October 3, 2010

Tropic tomato results

The first truss on the tropic tomato plant I am testing is beginning to ripen. When I started this test I only planted one seed, as I did not think there was enough time left in the season to produce ripe fruit. Now, however, after seeing the fruit, I am sorry that I did not plant more plants.

The tomatoes in the photo are slightly larger in size than those you would find in a supermarket "hothouse" tomato pack, but the green fruit on the upper trusses is quite a bit larger. That kind of has me stumped at this point, as it has been my experience that the larger fruit develops toward the bottom of the plant.

I have been using the Expert Gardener plant nutrients to replenish the Autopot reservoir for this plant for the last three weeks, and the plant is showing no ill effects.

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