Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Another heirloom - Cracoviensis

The plant above is
Cracoviensis lettuce, described by the seed vendor as follows:

"An heirloom predating 1885, with an open head of elongate, slightly savoyed, purple-red tipped leaves. A fast vigorous plant well suited to quick cut salad. Makes a large loose head before bolting. Referred to by Vilmorin (1885) as “red celtuce,” implying that its large tender pink bolting stem may have been the heirloom intent of this variety. A recent letter from England confirms that this is the case. Celtuce, also called “asparagus lettuce.” is a Chinese market item.

The jury is still out as to whether I will grow this variety again, as it takes up a lot of space for the amount of lettuce it produces. The plants are still a few weeks from harvest, and perhaps they will develop more fully. If the taste is exceptional, I may reconsider and grow a few pots just to add some color and texture to our daily salads.

I should add that these plants have received only the Expert Gardener plant food with calcium nitrate and epsom salt since day one, and they are doing great.


Dan said...

Those are some fine looking lettuces you have growing!

admin said...

Thanks Dan! I have been collecting seed varieties for several years and my biggest problem is WHAT TO GROW! I am working on tatsoi and arugula to add some zip to our greens.

Dan said...

Can't beat Tatsoi, it's good in stir fry and noodle soup as well.

admin said...

I only planted one seed to try it, but I think it is a fairly large plant when mature.