Thursday, July 15, 2010

Constant dripping wears away the stone, but not this stone!

Several months ago someone began posting comments on my blog that were completely in oriental pictograms. Not being able to read them, I did not bother with them, thinking that they may be from a manufacturer of LED lighting using my blog as a promotion for LED lighting. Each comment included a long line of dots, and one day I discovered that the line actually contained links to several different sites.

Following the links I found that they were for porn and sex chat sites which featured VERY YOUNG WOMEN. These girls look like they belong in school, not "chatting" with some pervert who is sitting in front of his monitor drooling and abusing himself. I am sure that these young women did not grow up dreaming of spending their lives doing what they are now doing. And, I wondered how the person involved with these sites, and leaving these comments, lives with himself.

Immediately I took two actions:

First, I entered reports to each time a comment was posted. Although they have policies against this type of activity; they apparently could care less. So much for corporate morals.

Second, I changed my comment settings to require that all comments had to be approved by me, and, persons wishing to comment have to enter scrambled letters in a box to submit a comment. I thought that perhaps the comments were being posted by an automated system.

Not so. The comments continue each time a new post is entered, and each time I reject them. Today's comment had a line in English which read: Constant dripping wears away the stone. I interpret that to mean that at some point I will get tired of rejecting this filth and let it pass. Again, not so.

Today I changed my settings to allow comments from only team members. As I am the only team member, the end result will be that there will be no comments. And that is sad, as I enjoyed the few comments that I did receive, and I took time to answer each and every one of them.

So thanks you perverted little misfit for taking some of the pleasure out of blogging and exchanging information with folks with a similar interest. And, I imagine that you are really looking forward to the day when your daughter can join your team, if she is not already on board!

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