Sunday, March 14, 2010

This year's warm season plants.

Just about all of the warm season vegetables have been started and this year I will taking no chances with tomatoes. I am planting large, small, early, mid, late, determinate and indeterminate. They include: Black Cherry, Better Boy, Bush Beefsteak, Sweet Cluster, Moneymaker, Early & Often, Way Ahead, and Rutgers. In addition, I have started two miniature varieties for my granddaughter to grow: Small Fry and Sprite.

The greenhouse cucumbers will be Telegraph Improved, and the garden cucumbers will be Bush Champion.

Again this year I will be growing Giant Marconi and Corno Di Toro peppers in the drip ring systems in the greenhouse. The seeds have been started, and the seedlings are in net pots in an ebb and flow system until they can be placed in the drip ring systems. At that time I will simply plunge the net pots into the hydroton without disturbing the plants.

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