Thursday, March 11, 2010

Dibble holes

Long ago I determined that the dibble holes, in both rockwool cubes, and Oasis horticubes, were much too deep for small seeds. If you simply drop a lettuce, basil, or similar tiny seed into the hole, chances are that your seed will never make it to the surface.

Deciding not to use the existing holes, I began using a chop stick, or the end of a small artist's brush, to create a small depression in the cubes that I thought would be more appropriate for the size of the seed.

As I always plant more then one seed per cube, I find that I frequently have two or more vigorous seedlings develop. In that case, I simply split the cube leaving a small section of the cube attached to each seedling's root system.

The above photo shows an Oasis cube with three seedlings that was sectioned into three separate plants. By doing this I am able to obtain more seedlings, and reduce the amount of cubes used.

I guess I just can not get cost containment out of my system.....

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