Friday, February 19, 2010

Harvesting lettuce

The plants growing in this ebb and flow system are being grown in 3" regular square plastic pots. I had been using 4" net pots for all my systems, but I decided to try the regular small pots in the ebb and flow systems.

I am making this change because the square pots allow better space utilization in the rectangular tubs. As the ebb and flow systems flood for fifteen minute cycles, the pots perform just as well as net pots in these systems. Additionally, they are a third to half the cost of net pots.

The plants in the photo were placed in the tub as seedlings, and have not been removed from the system. It is apparent from the photo that they are tightly packed in the system, however, they are not affected in the least.

These plants are being readied for harvest, with the reservoir containing Flora Kleen diluted to 2 tablespoons per five gallons of water. I have noticed that plants will continue to grow for some time while being flushed, so I will let them stay in this system, and harvest each individual plant as needed. I expect that the greens will last for quite sometime using this approach.

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