Friday, December 5, 2008

Tis The Season

As we progress into winter the seed catalog folks begin filling my mailbox with gardener's porn. Not that I mind in the least, as it sure beats credit card offers. (remember them?)

I am sure the seed vendors sell mailing lists, as I receive catalogs from dealers I have never heard of before.

A recent catalog from Pinetree Garden seeds caught my interest, as it had a nice variety of unusual vegetables and flowers . Additionally, the prices and shipping charges were the lowest I have seen to date.

The items I ordered were:
Australian Yellow leaf lettuce @ .95 per pack
Red Deer's Tongue lettuce @.95 per pack
Tom Thumb lettuce @.95 per pack
Mache (member of the Valerian family) @.90 per pack
Merveille de Quatre Saisons lettuce @.95 per pack
Matina Lettuce @.95 per pack
Pelleted Calceolaria @.95 per pack.
Midnight Ruffles lettuce @1.10 per pack

The total for the seeds and shipping was eleven dollars and change. This vendor uses recycled paper for their catalog and shipping envelopes. My order was received promptly and I am happy with the seeds and service.

When I get a good deal I like to share it, likewise with a raw deal.....

Pinetree's site is:

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