Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Journal March 1, 2016 - Brown Turkey Fig is waking up.

The fig trees have been indoors under LED grow lights since the first of January, along with the olive trees.  They, however, were completely dormant when I brought them in, not a leaf in sight.

Not so anymore, they only remained dormant for a short period of time and began to sprout again.  They have been sending out new growth for several weeks now, so when the temperature in the greenhouse permits I let them enjoy the sun for a while.

The photo shows a brown turkey fig, which is bearing size and may produce a few figs this season, hopefully.  The smaller plants are also doing very well, so I am finding figs are really easy to grow. 

The plants were received too late in the season last year to place them outdoors with the olives, but this season I plan on placing them on the deck and really letting them go at it.

It is said that they can be propagated easily from cuttings, but I doubt that I am even going to try, as I am really really stretched for room.

All of the olive varieties, except the Manzanilla, are in various stages of flowering.  I am tapping the open flowers and blowing the pollen around using a fan to pollinate the plants.  It is hard to tell if it is working, but I can see some tiny olives forming on some of stems, so I am really optimistic.

Starting seeds for the garden is on the agenda for next week.

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