Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Journal February 2, 2016 - Beet green time

My wife got me going on beet greens when she made the remark at dinner that she never sees beet greens for sale at the grocer's.   We both love beet greens, so I have started seeds for a small batch which I intend to grow in an ebb and flow system under the LED grow lights.

In order to make room for the beet greens I picked all of the gentilina lettuce this morning.  It makes me wonder if anyone else in New York is picking fresh lettuce on Groundhog's Day.

Another thing I am wondering about is if turning on the flowering spectrum of the large LED grow light is responsible for the number of olive varieties that are now budding.  

Being early producers the arbequina and koroneiki trees have flowered before, now however, in addition to those two, the picholine, chemlali, leccino and empeltre are also beginning to flower.  Other varieties under different lighting are not budding, so it does make one wonder.


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