Monday, September 21, 2015

Journal September 21, 2015 - Aeroponic lettuce

The Green Ice lettuce growing in the first aeroponic unit needs to be drained and replenished.  It is already at the point that it can be used as cut and come again; harvesting the larger outer leaves, letting the plant regrow.

The second unit, growing the Merlot and Red Salad bowl lettuce, is coming along nicely also.  While the Green Ice is receiving professional hydroponic nutrients, I am using inexpensive generic nutrients from Wal-Mart in this unit.  

One of the net pots containing the Green Ice lettuce is shown above.  Now that the root systems are exposed to the misting nutrients the plants will really grow quickly.

It has been my experience that lettuce can be grown using generic nutrients like Miracle Grow.  To add some magnesium, I mix four tablespoons of Epsom Salt to a gallon of water to make a concentrate.  When adding the nutrients I add about an ounce of the concentrate to  the nutrient solution.

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