Thursday, January 15, 2015

Journal January 15, 2015 - Florida Petite Tomatos

The Florida Petite tomato I am growing to test my soil mix is doing very well.  The mix drains well, but also does a good job of retaining moisture.  Frequent feeding has not been necessary, as the mix includes a fair amount of organic material.

At this point, the plant is about four inches high and has several trusses with flowers.  Using a small artist brush, I pollinate the flowers a few times a day to ensure that the plant sets fruit.

The changes to the photoperiod and spectrum intended to get the olive trees to flower have had the desired effect, as two varieties are indeed flowering.  An added bonus is that the Bougainvillea plant is also flowering.

The Bougainvillea flowers are not exactly beautiful, but any flower in January has to be appreciated. 


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