Thursday, June 12, 2014

Journal June 12, 2014 - Tosca olive explant

Today was transfer day for all of the olive cuttings taken on 4/27/14.  A new batch of my #427 protocol was prepared, without any coloring this time.  I have learned that coloring works for visually identifying the protocol, however, it makes it difficult to see what is going on beneath the surface.   If coloring is added, it should be very light, just enough to distinguish the color.

Above is photo of a Tosca olive cutting that has now been in vitro for about seven weeks.  At this point I regret that I did learn micro-propagation techniques much sooner and did not waste time, or resources, on traditional cloning.  As is clear in the photo, the explant is developing a very nice root system.  

Two ounces of protocol were added to each jar to give the plantlets plenty of room to develop a root system during this phase of the process.  

The next phase of the process will be to transfer the plantlets to a sterile mixture of coir and perlite and begin the acclimatization process.

As of today I have several varieties responding to tissue culture, some better than others, however, I am certain at this point that all will be successful.

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