Monday, March 10, 2014

Journal March 10, 2014 Gardenia clones

The Gardenia Veitchii clone is still multiplying, so I transferred it into fresh culture today to let it multiply for another month.  At that point I intend to separate some individual buds and place them into culture with no multiplication hormones and let them root.

As another experiment, I have placed some tomato, pepper and olive seeds into test tubes containing sterilized coir and perlite.  The medium was moistened with nutrients and a very small amount of sugar before being sterilized.  The tomato and pepper seeds will be compared to seeds being started normally in horticubes.  

The olive seeds placed into test tubes have been soaking in protocol containing hormones for a few weeks prior to being planted.  All of the olive seeds have begun to swell, so hopefully they will begin to grow soon.

A Mergeron olive seed has been in vitro since the middle of January, and to date there is no algae or fungi growing on the media.  It is in a sealed, sterile environment, and has not needed any attention since being planted.  So, that said, I intend to leave the olive seeds planted today in the test tubes until they germinate, or hell freezes over, whichever comes first.

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