Sunday, November 17, 2013

Journal November 17, 2013 Hydroponic Swiss chard is getting popular

A large harvest of Foordhook Swiss chard was picked today and the system was immediately replanted with Early Wonder beets for beet greens.  Fortunately, once cooked chard can be reheated,  which is good as there is enough chard in the photo for several meals for the two of us.

Reviewing the analytics for my blog,  I find that growing Swiss chard indoors hydroponically has become a very popular search term.  For whatever reason, there seems to be interest from all around the world in growing chard hydroponically lately; there have been hits on this subject from Saudi Arabia, Australia, Europe and Asia.  Why the sudden interest completely baffles me. 

The weather has moderated, and will remain so for the next several days, so I moved the olive trees back into the greenhouse until at least next Tuesday.  

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