Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Journal December 5, 2012

Out of curiosity I had planted the supposed Manzanillo seedlings purchased and refunded on eBAy.  They have been planted for a month, but have shown absolutely no sign of life.

In the process of discarding them, I noticed nodules beginning to grow off the main trunk under the surface of the media.  The trunks themselves appeared to be lifeless, however it appears that there is still life in the root system.

The entire upper portion of the trunk has been removed, and I replanted the root system in a smaller pot with the nodule slightly above the media.  

The arrow in the photo is pointing toward the nodule, which has a tiny green tip.  The stub of the old trunk is to the right and slightly below the nodule.  

The pots were placed in the heated domed tray with the cuttings, and it should be interesting to see what happens next.   I am thinking that the root system will devote all of its energy to the nodule now that the trunk is gone.

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