Monday, January 16, 2012

January 16, 2012 journal

Things are pretty well under control and there is not much going on today , so I thought I would post a photo of the grow chamber so I would have it to look back on for reference.

In this small space I have calendula, zinnia, Australian leaf lettuce, red salad bowl lettuce, two star lettuce and chard.

It is too bad that I did not build a grow chamber earlier in my hydroponic endeavors. I most likely would not have built one at all if my wife did not keep insisting that I do so. Well, everyone knows women are much smarter than men.


garverm said...

Beautiful picture, I would expect to see this in a growers magazine!

I took advantage of 41 degree winter day to power wash some of my AutoPot equipment. Was wondering, how often do you empty and re-setup your AutoPots with your year-round growing?


Jack said...

Thanks for the compliment on the photo. We are also having a mild winter, but it is cold today. The Hudson river has not frozen over yet, and I don't remember a January with the river open in many many years. Most of my grows only last about 90 days, and I wash and bleach the pots between grows. I leach them with a clearing agent if I suspect a salt build up during a grow.