Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Indoor growing Jerico lettuce

Yesterday I transplanted
a dozen Jerico lettuce seedlings into an ebb and flow system. Jerico, which was hybridized in Israel, is very tolerant of heat, tip burn and mildew. One of the seed companies states that Jerico is a good selection for indoor growing, which makes me wonder how many people actually grow lettuce indoors.

Even with two of my systems out of production I am harvesting more lettuce than we can possibly use, so I am going to start seeds for chard and beet greens. Also, I am casting around for something different in terms of oriental greens, just for some variety.

Currently the large cucumber plants in the greenhouse are producing nothing but male flowers, however, I believe that is because I neglected to prune them and allowed too much vegetative growth. Today I removed the ends of each side shoot after the second flower cluster. Going forward I will have to pay more attention to pruning the side shoots.

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