Monday, January 17, 2011

Lo and behold! A female cucumber flower has appeard.

Much sooner than I expected the cucumber plant has presented me with its first female flower. That is all well and good, except I have been removing the male flowers to redirect energy back into the plant.

As soon as I saw the female bud beginning to form I stopped removing the male flowers. Fortunately, there were still a few male buds remaining, so I have been collecting pollen on an artist brush to use to pollinate the female flower.

If possible, I will use a male flower to pollinate the female flower by removing the petals and transferring the pollen from the male anthers to the pistil of the female flower.

Still, I wish I had used the little leaf variety,
as this parthenocarpic plant produces cucumbers without pollinators.


Dan said...

Cool to see! Hope the pollination takes hold for you.

admin said...

It is looking good and the plant is cranking out more females everyday.