Thursday, August 26, 2010

Tropic trial

The tropic tomato plant mentioned in my July 19th. post is making excellent progress. Several trusses have developed and set fruit, and it appears that the fruit is going to fairly good size; judging from the rate at which it is developing.

One site says that these plants can grow up to eight feet high and another site said that they grow to twenty feet high, however, I have already topped off the plant at about five feet. My rationale is that it is late in the season and I am hoping that by topping off the plant I will hasten the development of the existing fruit. My primary objective was to grow larger fruit, but taste will be equally as important as size, so I am attempting to have at least a few ripe tomatoes this season.

Additionally, I am trying a reduced nutrient level for this test:

Germination to first true leaf fully expanded TDS 450-550
First true leaf to third true leaf fully expanded TDS 550-600
Third leaf to transplant TDS 600-800
Transplant to second cluster set TDS 800-1,100
Second cluster to topping TDS 1,100-1,600

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