Friday, May 14, 2010

Plants can't read

Our long range forecast, which goes past our normal last frost date, does not include any really cold temperatures. As my soil garden tomatoes were getting too big to handle in the greenhouse, and were still in four inch pots, I decided to plant them in the garden.

The plant in the photo is a Moneymaker tomato, and as you can see it already has small fruit at the time it is being planted. Recently I posted a photo of my soil garden tomatoes on a forum, and two people commented that I should not allow the plants to develop flowers, or fruit, before I planted them. One person was quoting something published by an expert from the Carolina Cooperative Extension.

I responded that my gardening book says plants don't read, so try it, it may work. That has kind of been my credo in gardening, not to necessarily reinvent the wheel with each project, but, if it seems reasonable, by all means give it a shot.

I should also note that I have done this previously, so I know it will work. ;-)

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