Friday, December 25, 2009

Wide spectrum UFO LED trial

After having decided to try the wide spectrum UFO LED on plants that must flower to produce fruit; I will perform the test with two varieties of tomatoes, and Sarian strawberries grown from seed.

This unit is a 3rd. generation grow light, and differs from the other unit as it also contains white full spectrum LEDs in addition to the red and blue.

I am using a 50% mixture of coir and perlite for all of these plants and, initially, a mild general purpose nutrient mixture.

When the plants are more developed I will replant the full size tomato plant in an AutoPot using coir and perlite for the medium. At that point I will only have that plant under the wide spectrum LED. The totem tomato, which is dwarf, and the strawberries, will be grown in self watering containers under the remaining LED.

At least that is my plan, and again, time will tell.....

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