Monday, January 5, 2009

This should prove interesting!

The above photo is not a UFO, it is the LED grow light I will be testing to determine if it does grow superior plants, or any plants at all for that matter.

Being an eternal optimist, I have complete faith in this project. Well, almost complete faith.

The first test will be to compare it to fluorescent lighting for germination of seeds. I have been using full spectrum 6100K fluorescent lighting for seed starting. For this trial the LED light will be suspended three inches above ten rockwool cubes planted with lettuce and flower seeds. The initial photoperiod will be 20 hours, however, I have never tried that long a photoperiod. I have read that some commercial hydroponic lettuce growers use a 24 hour photoperiod for seeds, so 20 hours seems reasonable to try. It will certainly add some mood lighting to my growing area at night.....

It just seems like a good idea, and this light produces hardly any heat at all, and is super super super energy efficient.

Again, time will tell.

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