Saturday, November 15, 2008 should be

Sometime back in search of unusual varieties of vegetables I placed an online order with

Although I received the seeds with no problem, I have yet to have any of the lettuce seeds germinate. I have tried, without success, rockwool cubes with bottom heat, moist paper towels under several temperature conditions, and over night soaking of the seeds in dilute hydrogen peroxide and water.

Not a single seed has germinated, so I wrote to their email address twice asking for either advice or replacement seeds. I have received no response.

I usually order online and have never had a problem with the products or service, however, this time was a disappointment. Going forward I will stick to the larger vendors such as Johnny Seeds, Thompson & Morgan and Jung.

As for, shame on you....

ps. In mid December I tried about fifty more lettuce seeds and not a single one germinated. Damn, what are the odds against that? They must have been storing these seeds since the Civil War.

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