Friday, May 2, 2008

Mission Accomplished

When I began this project I had no idea of how much work it would entail. Remove the pool, level the area, construct the base, assemble the greenhouse, install the electric, install the flooring, construct shelving, and if that is not enough, set up the hydro units. There is not a part of my anatomy that is not hurting from lifting, lugging, hammering, tamping and whatnot. To say I am glad that it is a done deal would be a huge understatement.
I can see why they used to call them a hot house though, as when I was installing the patio block, I was wearing only a tee shirt, and there were snow flurries flying about outside. Perhaps I can also use it to get an early start on my tan......
As it stands right now there is still room enough left for few more systems, and I may put in a DWC unit for swiss chard. Spending all that time building has left little time for starting seeds, so even my present systems have plenty of room for additional plants.
The AutoPots on the left front are reserved for the cucumbers, but I am going to wait a while to plant them. The type I will grow only need two square feet of space and I will need to place a trellis on the north wall to hold the plants.
Well, I wanted my own greenhouse since I was a youngster, and after all these years I have one. Now, I will have to learn how to use one.....

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